More about me...
Tree Sparrow Treasures has grown out of a love for jewellery design and the joy of seeing young ones excited over their artistic potential. This phenomenon also lends itself to adults when they rediscover their creative abilities. It can be challenging helping people overcome their inner self critics so they can be present in the moment and just 'make'.
I recently undertook a teaching degree and now get the opportunity to reveal the wonders of art to hundreds of students as a primary school Visual Arts teacher. Pure delight.

I have completed a Masters Degree majoring in Metals and Jewellery and once ran a wholesale jewellery  business stocking various galleries and boutiques across Australia and New Zealand. To find out more you can visit www.debdestefanis.blogspot.com
There are two little sparrows in my nest who are not so little anymore. They used to love tinkering in the studio, making brooches and bangles from anything they could find. There was such pride in their faces when they realised just what can be achieved with two little hands. Now they tinker with digital art, photography, sewing, carving, painting and the likes. Their faces still beam with pride at their accomplishments.